The Dope Web Year 1 - Dope AF Web Series

The Dope Web Year 1 - Dope AF Web Series

10 Episodes

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The Dope Web Year 1 - Dope AF Web Series
  • Tales From Shaolin : Pt1ShakeyDog

    Tales From Shaolin reinterprets the works of the Wu Tang Clan as a Shakespeare-meets-Tarantino, crime-filled action dark comedy! Using the lyrics from the song "Shakey Dog" by Ghostface Killah, Part One: "Shakey Dog" stars Stephen Hill as our narrator “Ghost” and Dominique Spencer as the quiet ye...

  • Shampagne

    Shampagne (Melissa Mickens) – Meet M, a 20-something actress in New York City, fed up with having to fit into the industry’s “black girl” box. She has finally reached her breaking point and decides to break convention, sort of, to make her dreams of hitting it hitting big in Hollywood stick. Her ...

  • Looking Through The Windows

  • American Beat Boxer : The Series

    From the creators of the award winning documentary American Beatboxer, currently being broadcast on Revolt TV, accepted into the NYU’s Hip Hop Education Center Archive upon its world premiere, the Harvard Hip Hop Archive, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives and most recently the M...

  • Makeup x Breakup

    When Brooke blindsides Blake and ends their two year relationship, Blake doesn't hesitate before jumping back into the New York dating scene. Instantly he finds a new love interest and regains his confidence. Once things begin to get serious, Brooke resurfaces and wants to claim what was once her...

  • The Ave.

    After a police officer shoots an ambitious African American student, his Brownsville community rallies for answers and peace within this racially divided society.

  • Tough Love

    A digital series about six millennials in New York City participating in a paid social experiment which helps them delve deeper into their struggles with dating and relationships.

  • A 2 Z -Black & White

    A2Z: Black and White is a new sitcom/sketch show hybrid that deals with the issues no one wants to talk about. Everyone thinks how they see the world is right. It is either black or white. A2Z delves in to the gray, the space where the answers may live. The show brings a colorful perspective on o...