The Dope Web Year 3 - Dope AF Web Series

The Dope Web Year 3 - Dope AF Web Series

4 Episodes

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The Dope Web Year 3 - Dope AF Web Series
  • Bad Web Series

    Greg and Jessica get an unexpected visit from Ann Fidelity. LaTayvion plans a surprise party for Sassy Black Mama where sh*t hits the fan!

    "Bad Web Series" is an innovative series that combines exaggerated storylines with familiar production faux pas commonly experienced by the web series community

  • $ugar Maybe

    Episode 2

    “Three’s Company” set in the Southv side of Atlanta, sprinkled with a few sugar babies, a dash of scammer and a pinch of med school, that, my friend, is $ugarMaybe.

  • Washed

    Perplexed at how he went to sleep one day in his prime and woke up in the midst of a quarter-life crisis as a #WASHED (up) “young professional”, Mark Fields searches for the fountain of youth with his best friend, a drug dealing bookworm.

  • The Closet B.I.T.C.H.

    A coming of age story about Shana Solomon’s desperate struggle to please everyone in her life but herself … while trying not to fall apart in the process. This raw, unapologetic, one-woman dark comedy series finds Solomon playing 8 characters.