• Anna trailer

    November 1815. An enslaved woman named Anna is sold away from her family in Maryland to slave traders, taken to Washington, D.C., and locked in a tavern 'garret.' She is about to be sent to Georgia and separated from her husband and children. Desperate and trapped, she makes a decision that chang...

  • Jamaica House Trailer

    The JAMAICA HOUSE: Extended Tupac Feature chronicles the club’s rise to fame (and infamy), uniquely mirrorring Shakur’s. The young Tupac, pre-Death Row Records, was a constant champion and supporter of the club, where he performed religiously. While ‘Pac is a central character of the documentary,...

  • The Facts trailer

    Straight outta the mouths of the people who live, eat and breathe the culture. These rap biopics FOR us BY us, presenting the ACTUAL historical record of the most influential founders and influencers of the culture.

  • Wrath City Trailer

    This is a story of a fictional, angry little town and the Haitian woman who's getting deported out of it for committing an awful crime. Inspired by Black Lives Matter and the police brutality epidemic.

  • Eternal - Coming in April

    A famous musician is tired of constant attention and a flamboyant lifestyle. He struggles to find answers to many tormenting questions and matters which constantly occupy his mind. He hopes to find a life balance and consolation in solitude. Are we able to face the superficial happiness, the pass...

  • White Knuckle Trailer

    When a serial killer begins targeting the gentrifiers of a dwindling, historically Black neighborhood, three young adults attempt to determine the murderer's identity... before they're next.

  • Lollipop Trailer

    A 14-year-old Saudi girl experiences the onset of puberty, and everything that comes with it.

  • #Trending Trailer

    In a day and age when people are searching for that glamorous life, we have blurred the lines between perception and reality. “Likes” and “followers” have become valued more than substance and genuine connection. Monica is pre-occupied with branding herself as a hustling, by-any-means actress whe...

  • Mixed Trailer

    Mixed is a short film about teenage friends Phoenix and Sam, who devise an immaculate plan to rob Phoenix’s step-sister Jada, and her rich friend Rebecca, one summer day.
    Phoenix, the talk, slinky, brains of the operation and Sam, his loyal but clueless sidekick, set off on their journey to get...

  • Tom Freeman Of The North - Coming in April

    A young black Harlemite named Tom, who interns at a start-up that just opened up in his neighborhood, is invited to his boss's housewarming party off of Malcolm X Boulevard. While Tom is looking forward to use this opportunity to move up the ranks by gifting his boss with a jar of artisanal mayon...

  • The Love & Hate Mixtape

    The best love stories from the current season of the Hip Hop FIlm Festival

  • A Happy Divorce Trailer

    Intelligent, beautiful, defiant, Jenny has the courage to follow her desires to get what she wants, but at what price? When our deepest desires lead to emptiness, and we sacrifice those we love, can hope survive? A Happy Divorce deals with the growing epidemic of suicide head on, while exploring ...

  • Know me so well

    When a Brooklyn-dwelling British woman in her late 20s realizes her relationship has run its course, she decides to explore a new romance, sending her on a journey of self-love, regret, and heartbreaking consequences.

  • The Closet B.I.T.C.H. trailer

    A coming of age story about Shana Solomon's desperate struggle to please everyone in her life but herself … while trying not to fall apart in the process
    Shana Solomon stars in this one woman show turned web series.

  • Five Stars trailer

    A simple cab ride turns into fatal attraction.

  • God Bless You Trailer

    On his first day home, a man must decide how far he will go to protect his teenaged sister.

  • The Darkest Place trailer

    A hip hop mystery set in a room without time and space, The Darkest Place follows Simon Keys as he summons an enigmatic woman, Lexi, to help him escape.